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substance causing body tissues (such as skin) to tighten

Relieve Eye Irritation & Infection

The anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties found in rose water can relieve eye irritation and infection.  It also can protect  from dust and air pollutants. 

Facial Toner

If used regularly, it help dry up pimples and filiform or digitate wart faster and fade its marks 

Diminish Wrinkle & Pores

Our rose water helps hydrate, moisturise, and rejuvenate your skin.  Just spray directly on your face with our genuine pure rose water after washing your face and you can see the difference in few days. 

Reduces Skin Redness

Since rose water has anti-flammatory effect, it can reduce redness from irritated and overheated skin. 


You may apply on your cuts or cracked skin area before applying medicine.  It is believed to cure your skin quicker. 

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