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Damascus rose grows best above sea level and that is why we have selected Mangalla mountain range to harvest the rose.  In 1993, the first wild roses were planted in Mangalla Hill which is located some 650 meters above sea level .  The colors of the roses were white, red, pink, and yellow.  At present, the plantation has grown to approximately 250,000 square meters, and the roses are now blossoming as healthier as ever.  So we realized that now is the time to share this wonderful genuine high quality rose water with ancient recipe, and 100% free from pesticides.  Normally, even organic farming uses fertilizers and pesticides which include herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, but we absolutely do not use any of those.   We use only volcanic ashes and spent rose petals as fertilizers.  

We have adapted the ancient method of producing The Rose Water, exactly the same process as how the Persians produced in the 11th Century.  The only difference is that we use copper still instead of the brass still.  We  use only certain types of dry and live woods to heat the still, and it is extremely delicate procedure to heat sequentially to control the secret optimum operating temperature, in which it requires intensive monitoring during the entire process.  Yes, we do not use conventional heating devices such as gas and electricity.  We have attempted to do so to reduce labor intensiveness, but we could never produce the original product quality with the conventional equipment, limiting ourselves to produce only certain volume each year.


Believe it or not, in order to produce only 1,000 ml (1 litre) of The Rose Water,  it requires more than 40 kilogram (Kg) of rose petals.  It is important to note that WE DO NOT USE ANY STEAM and/or ADD WATER (H20) during the entire manufacturing process.  This is the KEY to our magnificent product quality.  We also DO NOT ADD ANY preservatives nor ethyl alcohol in our product.  We strictly follow the ancient formula in producing the genuine rose water, therefore, we named our product The Rose Water.

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If you wish to order our rose water product(s), simple drop us an email at  Please indicate the number of rose water bottles you wish to purchase, your name and contact number, and the address to be delivered.  If you are referred by our VIP customers, please also mention her or his name(s).  


If you prefer to make the order via telephone, please call us at +852-3563-6100 during office hours during 10:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday through Friday.   


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